Understanding Marketing Workflows

Why You Should Review Your Processes?

The Benefits of Reviewing and Adopting New Workflows

  • You’ll have more visibility and control over your marketing projects. This means you’ll be able to see exactly where a project is in the process, what still needs to be done, and who needs to do it. In turn, you’ll be better able to manage your projects.
  • You’ll eliminate bottlenecks in your process because you’ll be able to control exactly where, what needs to happen in the process. So, simply put, your team will be more efficient. And when they’re more efficient, they’ll deliver higher-quality work consistently.
  • You’ll be able to streamline your review and approval processes. When you do, you’ll manage project feedback much better and you’ll ensure that the right stakeholders approve at the right time. Moreover, with a streamlined review and approval process in place, everyone on the team will have visibility over the process and see exactly who reviewed the collateral and what comments they made. In this way, they’ll ensure that the changes are made and you’ll eliminate excessive revisions.
  • If your workflows are transparent and offer greater visibility over your projects, your team will collaborate better. As such, they’ll understand what is expected of one another and communicate more. And with improved collaboration and communication, there will be no parts of the project to fall through the cracks.
  • You’ll stay on top of your marketing compliance. This is simply because your workflows will provide a dedicated pathway that ensures your artwork gets reviewed by your legal and compliance teams when they need to. In turn, this ensures that only approved collateral gets published.
  • Considering that your team will be more efficient, you’ll eliminate the frustration and angst of not getting work done on time. Flowing from this, you’ll also have satisfied clients that can trust you to get high-quality work done on schedule and on budget.
  • Ultimately, by reviewing your workflows and processes, you’ll save a lot of time for your team that they can spend on what they do best. That is, being creative.

What Steps You Should Follow to Review Your Workflow?

Step 1: What Are Your Goals

Step 2: What Are Your Current Marketing Workflow and Processes?

Step 3: What Issues Are You Having?

Step 4: What’s the Solution?

Step 5: What About Technology?

Is it Time For a New Solution




Marketing Operations & Project Management Software for brands, marketing teams and digital agencies.

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Jodie @ Simple Admation

Jodie @ Simple Admation

Marketing Operations & Project Management Software for brands, marketing teams and digital agencies.

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