Tips for Successful Adoption of Creative Project Management Software

Why Implement Creative Project Management Software?

  • Central, unified platform. It gives you all the information you need on all your projects on one central dashboard. In other words, it lets you see exactly who’s working on what, the status of every project, and what tasks are still outstanding.
  • More transparency. It gives you greater transparency over all your projects, resources, and feedback.
  • Structured resource management. It allows you to allocate tasks and resources quickly and easily which provides you with the visibility required to make your project management process efficient.
  • Efficient workflow approval. Project management for creative teams relies on getting approvals timeously to keep the process moving. Here, the right tool ensures that content, artwork, and other digital assets reach the right stakeholders at the right time for their feedback or approval. This, in turn, allows you to streamline your approval workflows.
  • Improved collaboration. Often a result of traditional, inefficient tools, a lack of collaboration could be a major problem. Here, marketing project management software improves collaboration by making planning, communication, and feedback easier.

What Leads to Low Adoption, and Actionable Tips You Can Use To Improve Software Adoption

There’s Lack of Buy-In

You Don’t Onboard Properly

You Have No Software Champion

Yet Another Tool

Forgetting the Bigger Picture

The Bottom Line




Marketing Operations & Project Management Software for brands, marketing teams and digital agencies.

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Jodie @ Simple Admation

Jodie @ Simple Admation

Marketing Operations & Project Management Software for brands, marketing teams and digital agencies.

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