What Is Approval Workflow Or Marketing Workflow?

Why You Need Marketing Approval Workflows

  • It keeps your team on the same page. Workflows help your team to know what they need to do when they need to do it, and what or who their work depends on. They’re able to see the status of every project and every team member knows what is required of them. It also helps to make collaboration between team members easier when everyone is on the same page (or screen).
  • It improves your ability to manage a project. With a marketing approval workflow, you’re able to manage the process from a strategic level without going into the finer details. Also, because the workflow keeps your team on track, you’re able to see what the team is working on and manage the process more efficiently.
  • You’ll produce higher quality work. With a workflow, you build consistency in the process and every project gets the attention it needs. By promoting consistency your team doesn’t miss anything and you produce repeatable results which, in turn, promotes higher quality work.
  • You’ll be more effective and meet deadlines consistently. With a workflow in place, everyone on the team can see the status of the project and every deliverable. This enables you to avoid duplicating work amongst several people, you cut down on interruptions, and you streamline the approval process which makes your marketing approval workflow overall more efficient.
  • You’ll increase your profitability and campaign success. Because the process is more efficient, you’ll be able to do more work in less time. So, your team will be able to take on more work and clients without their productivity suffering. In turn, this means you make more profit and because the process is consistent, you’ll achieve more success.

What Does A Marketing Workflow Look Like?

  • Analysts who’ll measure campaign performance and get insights from data.
  • Designers who’ll create visual elements, collateral, and logos.
  • Marketing specialists who’ll develop messaging and ensure brand consistency.
  • Project managers who’ll monitor the campaign components and keep everyone on track.
  • SEO specialists who’ll analyze and review web content to make sure it’s optimized for search engines.
  • Strategists who’ll direct the strategy, conduct research, and analyze data.
  • Writers who’ll craft copy for websites, email, and social posts.

Example Of Approval Workflow

Understanding Approval Workflow Software

Benefits Of Adopting Workflow Software

  • Streamlining your marketing approval process. It will allow you to dispense with old fashioned and clunky email approval processes and instead manage approvals effortlessly from one central hub. This makes it easy to submit briefs, approval requests, and feedback and reduces compliance risks as no deliverables can be finalized without approval.
  • Planning and tracking your online approval workflow and work in progress in one central hub. When you’re working on many projects with several teams, it’s important to know where any particular project is at no matter who is working on it at the time. So, rather than having to track down different teams and departments to follow up on the progress of the project, you’ll be able to log in and see where it is in an instant.
  • Automating your marketing administration. The software doesn’t just make it easier to manage your projects but also the administration that comes with them. You’ll be able to create your own templates that are ready to use at the start of a new project, duplicate previous projects so you can work with similar designs and set automated reminders for feedback and approval, so you don’t have to do all the chasing to make sure that things get done. This, ultimately, simplifies your entire marketing approval process.
  • Providing transparency on your projects. Having all your projects in a central hub means you’ll be able to see in an instant who has approved a deliverable and who hasn’t, and you’ll also be able to track at what point a project is at and whether it will make the deadline.
  • Helping you track whether you are on time and on budget. Because you know where your project is, you also know whether it will be done on time. To make sure it’s done on time you’ll be able to set deadlines across all the different stages of the project and set automated reminders that the necessary stakeholders give feedback when they should. This means you’re on time and on budget.
  • Managing your marketing assets. One of the major benefits of approval workflow software is that it can help you manage all your digital or design assets both during the project and thereafter. You can store the final assets centrally as well as share them with stakeholders with a secure link.

Final Thoughts




Marketing Operations & Project Management Software for brands, marketing teams and digital agencies.

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Jodie @ Simple Admation

Jodie @ Simple Admation

Marketing Operations & Project Management Software for brands, marketing teams and digital agencies.

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